A leather bag is a special, near-universally beloved object, appreciated in equal measure by bon-vivants of both sexes, who cherish the supple hand, understated burnish and heady smell that can only emanate from premium quality skin.


  • Most leather bags are vegetable-tanned with tannin. Downside: vegetable-tanned leather bags discolor and shrivel when drenched in water.
  • Chrome-tanned skins are more water-resistant, and are referred to in trade-speak as “wet blue” for their steel-gray tinge.
  • Full-grain is premium-grade hide that has not been buffed, to showcase the skin’s natural “grain” or texture.
  • Top-grain: less dear on your wallet, this is thinner and has had its natural grain “corrected’ by sanding away scars.
  • Coveted exotics from non-cattle skin and patent leather, with its high gloss achieved by oils and resin, are just two other examples of the other finishes and leather types available on the market today.

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