Lohmann is a Leather goods Label located in Byron Bay Australia. Designed and made by founder Raffael Lohmann, every piece is custom made to order, the leathers are knife cut and hand picked to ensure quality. There is no other leather products quite like it – Leading the way in fashion in Australia.


About Lohmann

Why Lohmann? 

Because a Lohmann is an extension of yourself. Fashionable and timeless, we are pushing the boundaries of design, while keeping our materials as home grown as possible. Byron Bay is home to a teeming arts scene and the creative warehouse space that Lohmann is based from is constantly evolving and collaborating with many artists from many mediums. Lohmann is a humble creator and the creativeness comes from heart and soul.

Kangaroo leather

The Leather

Lohmann uses only the finest quality leathers from Europe and Australia. In Australia, we are able to travel to the tannery for our kangaroo leather and knife cut each piece we choose. Kangaroo leather is used primarily for its extra strength and durability – and to of course support our unique skin industry.  Our European leathers are strictly high grade leathers and are imported in bulk to ensure the value is passed onto our customers. All pieces are cut and sewn on site at Lohmann leather studio in Byron Bay.

Brass leather accessories

Brass and Hardware

All the brass hardware clasps and decor adorning your Lohmann are painstakingly found, vintage pieces which are one offs. The age adds individual uniqueness and are what makes Lohmann again, individual.